Become a Pilates Instructor
Do what you love, love what you do!
Instructor Training begins April 2023!

Our PMA approved Pilates Teacher training program fuses the classical Pilates repertoire with a contemporary approach including a wide range of modifications and variations. This approach will best prepare you to teach clients of all ages and ability levels. We look forward to seeing you in the Studio, to set you on the path for a successful and fulfilling Pilates career. At the center of our philosophy is the idea that every teacher has their own teaching style and we want to give you the foundation to start cultivating that style. We would love to meet you to introduce you to our Studio and discuss our program, as this is a big decision for you. Thank you for considering Move Studio and PSC for your Pilates instructor education. A program that welcomes discussion, encourages creativity, and promotes the idea that movement heals.

How do I become a Pilates Teacher?

Take a Pilates class. Immerse yourself in a variety of classes with different styles and instructors. Begin to determine what styles you are drawn to and ask tons of questions.


A passion for Pilates is not enough. Consider the time and financial commitments necessary to complete the training and embark upon this flexible and fulfilling career journey.


A mat only certification prepares you to teach group mat classes primarily found in gyms and other recreation facilities. If you plan to teach full time or train private clients, a comprehensive certification would be best - it would be very difficult to make a living on a mat Pilates certification alone.


There are many reputable certification programs available. Ask your favorite teachers about their paths and recommendations. Consider things like classical v. contemporary approach, in person v. virtual training sessions, class sizes, costs (no hidden fees), required continuing education and national affiliations/recognition.


Attend training sessions. Continue your personal pilates practice. read the material and study hard. teach apprentice classes. complete projects and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


Finish training program, complete the required practice and apprentice hours, and pass your final written and practical exams. Transition your student insurance to an instructor liability insurance policy


Upon completing your training program, projects and training hours, you are now ready to pursue teaching opportunities and start training clients. Pilates teachers are in high demand, so weigh your options carefully and consider all of the possibilities. Land the dream job that fits your schedule and lifestyle or start a business of your very own.


Begin your work with clients as a certified teacher. Share your love of Pilates with others, start growing your business and (ALWAYS) continue your education with workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities.


Emily and the rest of the teachers in training were a world of support! They validate your feelings, while encouraging you and motivating you; you definitely are not alone and there is a studio full of cheerleaders behind you! Emily makes you feel like a top priority in her already jam-packed life. It makes you really appreciate all she puts into her practice and all she puts into YOU; she truly cares and that is priceless.


It was a bit intimidating enrolling in the program at first due to the amount of hours required, but Emily & other instructors consistently eased my concerns by relating & reminding me why I chose this path. Now being certified I feel so rewarded and strive to be better each and every day. Through this program I\'ve learned not only how to give back, but also how to do the art of Pilates so much more effectively. It\'s been a win/win for me all the way around!


I would recommend anyone that wants to do something for themselves and to help others, the teacher training program at Move Studio. It is really an amazing process to go through. The whole process made me a better client and I look forward to the days that I get to teach. The connection I feel to the clients I see every week has been amazing. Watching them grow and work through issues both mentally and physically has been a privilege. I never would have seen that if I wasn\'t brave enough (because I was super scared) to try this new adventure!


Move Studio recognizes the need to remove financial barriers and provide support to our aspiring BIPOC Pilates community. The intention of our scholarship is to provide a safe, welcoming learning environment where students can explore the life-changing benefits of Pilates. Ultimately, we hope our BIPOC Pilates Instructors will bring the methodology back into their communities, thereby helping to drive change in the Pilates community. As diversity makes all things stronger, the entire Pilates industry will be elevated as instructors with new perspectives and cultural experiences enter the field.

A PILATES Instructor